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We are a family-run online shop by the Japanese couple opened in Victoria BC since 2018.

We collect cool items that matched our lives, mainly for  ‘stationery’, ‘coffee equipment’ and ‘lunch box goods’

actually selected in Japan by us.

Our selected items are filled of ideas and good quality, of course easy to handle.

It is also very unique design, we recommend as a gift for your loved one, or as for your daily use.

Enjoy in our online shop and we commit you can find the your suitable “One”.


For update of products, news, or useful informations etc.


Terrific cool item for your schedule management!

It is coming soon the new type of Washi tape, which makes your schedule management more smart. Just by pasting it on your notebook, it turns into a schedule planner…



  We are pleased to inform you that a new item has been released. It’s name “Happy Gift Box”! Very cute stationeries that girls will love are put in one package.…

Hario v60 dripper

Restock of Hario V60 color dripper

  We are happy to announce Hario V60 dripper will put into stock soon. The very popular Hario ceramic dripper, which has been out of stock for a long time,…

response for covid19

Update on our responding to COVID-19

We understand that the rapid pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a huge impact on your everyday life. In Victoria, BC Canada, where we live, several cases have been…

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Happy Gift Box

We have prepared a gift box packed with cute stationery.
A perfect gift for children.

Ideas Box

We can introduce our picked useful topics of each item.

There are filled with ideas of how to have fun.

You can find more realistic attraction of our items.

Tetra Drip Top Image

Perfect for your camping trip | Portability foldable coffee dripper

"Want to enjoy your own favorite coffee even at trip and outdoor." Have you ever thought so? But tend to hesitate to bring with your trip because of bulky as…
Idea box - Washi roll stickers

A new type of Washi-tape “Washi Roll Stickers”

Let me present to you a new type of Washi tape that peels off one by one like a sticker! The washi tape popular on Twitter and media recently is…
Idea box - Hi Mojimoji - Tagged Memo Pad Series

Perfect water-resistant memo pad for your outdoor trip

"Tagged Life Gear" and "Tagged Memo Pad" Tough memo pads that can be used even when wet which is excellent presence in outdoor and kitchen usage.   Do you know…
idea box - great point of Hario V60 dripper

Best hit in the world! Hario V60 pour-over coffee dripper

If you want to brew delicious coffee, hope to stick from tool selection. With relatively affordable price, you can enjoy authentic drip taste by "HARIO v60". HARIO's v60 dripper is…
About us

About “Fireweed home & gift”


“Fireweed home & gift” is an online shop established in Victoria BC Canada since 2018 in order to introduce items featuring excellent Japanese ideas to everyone in Canada.

A shop operated by a Japanese couple living in Canada introduces what we actually want to use in everyday life, also what is really easy to use.

We started a shop from three categories “stationery”, “coffee equipment” and “lunch box goods” and  that we would like to introduce to everyone in the beginning.

We have selected “amazing items” which suits Canadian lifestyle.We are committed these items that you can satisfy.

We will gradually increase the number of items and grow to a more exciting and attractive shop.

We hope you can find your favorite “One” at our shop.