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Welcome to Fireweed home and gift

We opened our online store in Victoria, Canada in 2018 to introduce our "superior Japanese quality with great ideas" products to the world. We have now moved to Japan after 15 years and continue to operate our store. The store is run by a Japanese couple, and we introduce products that we actually use in our daily life, that we found really easy to use, and that we ourselves would like to have. We have selected "what we wish we had" that fits our modern lifestyle, and we are sure that you will be satisfied with our products.

What does Japan Made mean to us?

Japan has a centuries-old culture of craftsmanship. Today, young craftsmen and designers are taking over the techniques born of tradition and creating many products that suit today's lifestyles, which are often introduced overseas as gems that have reached the level of art. The techniques cultivated over many years and the Japanese spirit of paying attention to every detail and creating thoroughly good products are the foundation of Japan Made today.

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The Japanese philosophy

In Japan, there is a Japanese philosophy of "wa" (harmony), which states that "things begin to fall apart when they are completed. This concept means that not only buildings and objects, but even ideas, will only fall into disrepair if they are satisfied with the status quo. Is it possible to constantly come up with new ideas without being satisfied with the status quo, and to create something more convenient, easier to use, or better designed? I feel that these ideas are embedded in products made in Japan. Please take our products in your hands and experience firsthand the excellence of Japanese products. We hope that your life will become a little happier through this web site.

Three things we value


We deliver products of satisfactory quality to your hands. Because this is an online store where you cannot actually hold the products in your hands, we strive to create pages that allow you to feel the details of each item firsthand.


We value communication with you. If you have any details about our products, or if there is a Japanese product that you saw in a magazine that you are interested in, please let us know. We will be happy to assist you to the best of our ability.

Discovery of real Japan

We wish to let more people know about our birthplace "Japan". We will continue to transmit real and interesting attractions of Japan that are not found in guidebooks. We hope your next trip will be to Japan!

Our History

We are genuine Japanese and were born and raised in Japan.

Our love for the outdoors led us to Canada in 2007.
We lived in Banff, Alberta for two years and worked as guides in the Canadian Rockies.
In our private life, we enjoyed hiking, climbing, camping, and skiing.

Later, we moved our base of living to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory of up north Canada as an outdoor and Northern Lights guide.
We experienced 10 years of living in the North, where the temperature drops below minus 30 degrees Celsius in the winter, during which time our only son was born.

In 2017, we moved to Victoria, BC, the warmest place in Canada.
It was here that we first discovered SUP and enjoyed activities on the lakes and in the ocean.As expected, Canada's oceans are rich in resources, and we were impressed by the delicious seafood we picked ourselves.

In the spring of 2023, we moved to Japan, our birthplace, with renewed determination.
In the center of Japan, Shiga Prefecture is home to Japan's largest lake "Lake Biwa".
We moved to Kinomoto, Nagahama City, a post town on the 450-year-old Hokkoku Kaido historical road.
We have mixed feelings of anticipation and anxiety about living in Japan for the first time in a long time, but we are very excited to be able to continue to introduce good things from Japan to the world.

The 15 years we were away from Japan were very precious to us.
Japan, as seen from abroad, is a very interesting and mysterious country, and we felt once again that it is a unique country in the world.
The things produced there are delicate and have the power to capture people's hearts, and it is true that living in Canada has renewed our interest in the country of Japan.
At the same time, we wanted to let people overseas know more about Japan, so we opened “Fireweed home and gift” and have continued to promote the charm of Japan through Japanese products.