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Welcome to Fireweed home and gift

We launched our online store in Victoria, Canada in 2018 to introduce "excellent Japanese quality products with great ideas" to the world.The store, run by a Japanese couple living in Canada, introduces products that we have actually used in our daily lives, that we found really easy to use, and that we would like to have ourselves.We have selected items that we wish we had that fit our modern lifestyle, and we are sure that you will be satisfied with our products.

Why we introduce Japanese products

In Japan, there is a culture of craftsmanship that has been rooted for hundreds of years.Today, young artisans and designers take over the skills born of tradition and create many products that fit today's lifestyles, which are often introduced overseas as excellent products that reach the realm of art.It is safe to say that the skills cultivated over many years and the unique Japanese temperament of paying attention to details and creating thoroughly good products are the basis of the current Japan Made brand.

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The Japanese philosophy of creating

In Japan, there is a Japanese concept of harmony that says, "Things begin to fall apart when they are completed.Not only buildings and things, but even ideas are used to mean that once you are satisfied with the status quo, you will gradually fall into disuse.Never be satisfied with the status quo, but always come up with new ideas to create something more convenient, easier to use, and with better design.I feel that this kind of philosophy is embedded in products made in Japan.

Three things we value


We deliver products of satisfactory quality to your doorstep.In this age when you can buy anything on the Internet, we thoroughly inspect and pack our products to make sure that they are exciting to open the box.


We want to communicate with you.That product you saw in a magazine, or that item your friend is using that you are curious about, "It looks like a Japanese product, but where can I get it?" If you are wondering, please feel free to contact us!

Real Japanese Attraction

We hope that more and more people will get to know our birthplace, Japan. For many of you, Japan is probably one of the most mysterious countries in the world."I want to visit there at least once!" We will provide realistic and interesting information through our blog and SNS.

Our History

We were born and raised in Japan. We lived in Banff, Alberta, Canada for two years on a working holiday and introduced the Canadian Rockies to Japan as a tour guide. We love outdoor activities and enjoy hiking, camping and skiing. We then moved to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory in the far north as outdoor guides and Northern Lights guides. We experienced about 10 years of living in the far north, where the winters drop to minus 30 degrees Celsius or below, and we had a son during this time. We now live in Victoria, BC, the warmest place in Canada. This is where he first encountered paddle board and enjoys playing in the water to the fullest. The seafood is delicious!

We have been away from Japan for 15 years. We felt once again that Japan is a very interesting and mysterious country seen from abroad, a unique country in the world, and that the products produced there are delicate and have the power to capture people's hearts. At the same time, we wanted to let people overseas know about this magical country called Japan, so we opened Fireweed Home and Gift and continue to share the charm of Japan through our cool items.