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We offer wholesale to physical stores around the world.
We recommend our products to cafes, coffee roasters, restaurants, speciality stores, and other stores that want to have items to glamorize their business.
In addition to the products introduced on our website, we can also order from a variety of manufacturers.
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Products we offer

Coffee and Tea Equipment

We carry many products from Japan's leading coffee equipment makers such as Hario and Kalita. In addition, smaller manufacturers in Japan are pursuing originality and developing coffee equipment with wonderful designs.Their simple and functional products are ideal for display in stores.We also have a full line of Japanese tea and English tea equipment.We offer the world's only products such as ceramic teapots and cups made in Japan.

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen knives and Japanese kitchen utensils are very functional and very popular all over the world.They are functional and beautiful.Confectionery supplies are also very varied and sturdy, and are in fact used in many patisseries.Kitchenware is also a popular gift for foreigners visiting Japan.Chopsticks are also popular as a uniquely Japanese product.They can be sold in restaurants and general stores with just a little space by the cash register, making them a popular item in stores overseas.


Japanese stationery is popular among girls not only in Japan but also overseas.This is not only because of their well-honed functionality, but also because of their stylish and cute designs.Stationery is constantly being improved and is thoroughly user-friendly.They can be sold not only in speciality stores, but also in cafes and restaurants in small spaces, making your store ideal as accents.

We also offer a variety of other products such as lunchbox supplies and children's crafts.
We will give you a thorough hearing and introduce you to the right products for your store.
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