Would you like to have
a selection of great products in your store?

At Fireweed Home and Gift, we offer a wide variety of products at wholesale prices to add color to your store.
We are willing to offer you not only the products of well-known international companies, but also those of artisans who run their own businesses and create wonderful products.
We have selected wonderful Made in Japan or Designed in Japan products that are rarely seen overseas.
Of course, we have collected products that we have actually held in our hands, used, and found to be wonderful.

About the products we offer

The products we handle are mainly household goods such as coffee utensils, tea utensils, kitchen utensils (including knives), confectionery supplies, stationery, and so on.
Basically, our products are made in Japan or designed in Japan.
Products designed in Japan are those produced by Japanese manufacturers in overseas locations (mainly in Asia).
Our WEBsite sells mainly products for the general public.
For wholesale, we can order not only products from the website, but also from manufacturers as long as they fall into the above categories.
We will wholesale in small lots as much as possible, so please feel free to contact us.
We will be happy to conduct a thorough hearing with you and introduce products suitable for your store.

Examples of products we recommend

For all coffee shop and coffee roastery owners

We carry coffee products made in Japan that are superior in both design and quality.We offer third wave coffee goods such as drippers, drip pots, coffee mills, servers, etc., mainly from Hario and Kalita.In addition, in recent years, small manufacturers and individuals have been developing coffee utensils with wonderful designs in pursuit of originality.Their products are full of originality, with delicate designs and carefully crafted ideas that cannot be found in the products of major manufacturers.Why not display and sell such attractive products in your store?

For all owners of Japanese restaurants such as Ramen and Sushi restaurants

I am sure that most of your customers enjoy using chopsticks in your restaurants.Even those who use knives and forks at home probably no longer feel uncomfortable using chopsticks.This is the result of Japanese food such as sushi and ramen spreading widely throughout the world, and I am sure that many people now use their own chopsticks at home.There is an area called Wakasa, a 30-minute drive from our home in Shiga, Japan.It is a major chopstick production area, producing more than 80% of Japan's chopsticks, and there are many wonderful chopsticks produced here, ranging from simple designs to expensive, craft-like products.We can provide you with excellent quality chopsticks at reasonable prices.Why not sell in the small space by the cash register for a selection of chopsticks, one of the symbols of Japanese culture?

For all owners of specialty store and gift stores

In addition to the above, such as coffee goods, tea goods, chopsticks, we can carry you many other products.Especially kitchen knives and Japanese kitchenware are very popular all over the world.They are functional and beautiful.Confectionery supplies are also available in many varieties and are of high quality and sturdy, and are in fact used by many patisseries.Kitchenware is a popular souvenir for foreigners visiting Japan.Stationery is another popular item.Japanese stationery is popular among Japanese and foreign girls not only for its well-honed functionality, but also for its stylish and cute designs.Stationery is constantly being improved and is thoroughly user-friendly.We also carry a variety of other products such as lunchbox supplies and crafts for children.You can order not only the products we carry on our website, but most of other products as well. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


  • I have an online store. Can I buy your products at wholesale prices?
    We are sorry, but at this time we only do business with customers who have a physical store.
  • How do I make a transaction?
    Please contact us using the form below.Even if you do not have a specific product in mind, a vague image is fine.We also have several plans we can offer you.Please feel free to contact us.
  • What specific products do you handle?
    Currently, we handle coffee products, tea products, kitchen products, confectionery products, lunch products, stationery in general, masking tape, etc.Products that we cannot handle are food products in general, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, clothing, electrical appliances, and character goods.
  • How much will the wholesale price be?
    Wholesale prices vary depending on the product, so please contact us once.
  • What payment methods are available?
    We accept various credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Shop Pay.Please note that we do not accept bank transfers or checks.
  • What is the shipping method?
    We ship via Japan Post to keep costs as low as possible.For faster arrival, we can ship via UPS.(Please note that there are some countries we cannot ship to.)
  • What about customs duties and consumption taxes?
    Basically, if you purchase from outside of Japan, you will not be charged Japanese consumption tax.In some countries, such as the EU and the UK, pre-payment of national taxes (e.g., EU VAT) is mandatory.Customs duties also vary depending on the destination, product contents, and price, so please contact the customs office of the country you are sending to.Please understand in advance that any customs duties or consumption taxes incurred will be the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • The product I received was not what I imagined. Can I exchange or return it?
    Yes, it is possible. However, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs required for exchanges and returns.
  • The product I received was damaged. Is it possible to exchange it?
    Yes, it is possible. However, we will need a photo of the damaged box or product, so please do not throw away the box, etc. and contact us as soon as possible.

Last but not least, we only sell products on our website that we like after we have actually held them in our hands and used them.
We do not sell products through catalogs, where we just randomly offer a large variety of products.

Online shopping is a very convenient way to buy products from all over the world from the comfort of your own home.
However, it also has the disadvantage of not allowing customers to actually hold the product in their hands and feel the texture.
We are always thinking about how much we can cover this and how well we can communicate this to our customers.

In wholesale sales as well, we strive to deliver products that are sure to satisfy customers who purchase from your store.

We look forward to working with you in the future.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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