Bande Washi Roll Stickers -Poinsettia-

$4.95 USD

Washi roll stickers for Christmas decoration 5
Poinsettia is a typical winter ornamental plant with bright red leaves that excites the Christmas mood.
It is known as a plant that can be decorated for Christmas because its leaf shape is similar to the star of Bethlehem, the sacred place of Christianity.
There are 14 patterns such as ribbons and ornaments as well as poinsettia.


Includes : 200 pieces of 14 patterns.
Packaging size: H79.5mm × W105mm × D42 mm
Weight : 17g
Material(s) : Washi paper
Made in Japan

New type of Washi decoration

Washi Roll Stickers

Have you heard of washi tape?

This tape is made of paper from Japanese tradition and is an excellent product that can be applied and removed many times.

The tape has now been transformed into a sticker-type item that is ideal for decorating letters, organizers, walls, and other items.


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