A new type of Washi-tape “Washi Roll Stickers”


Let me present to you a new type of Washi tape that peels off one by one like a sticker!

The washi tape popular on Twitter and media recently is the “washi roll stickers” of “bande” brand.

The most feature of bande’s washi tape is the world’s first product called “step type washi tape” which became a roll shape with washi paper material stickers overlapped.

Especially it is a feature to be resticked easily that different from other stickers.

Since the washi tape material, you can take it off slowly and carefully one by one, and you can trim the balance tidy if you fix the position again.


Nishikawa Communications Co., Ltd. is doing business planning and design as well as printing business for more than 100 years in Aichi Japan. In February 2017, they produced high-quality Washi-tape “bande” by using the certain printing technology.

Bande is a thing that overturns common sense of decoration until now.

By combining with regular washi tape, that variation spreads infinitely.

Let’s design your own original card and goods with this!