Perfect for your camping trip | Portability foldable coffee dripper

Have you ever wanted to savor your favorite coffee while traveling or camping?
However, coffee equipment is often hesitant to bring along as travel tools because they are inevitably bulky.
An excellent item that eliminates the need to think about this problem is now available.


Features of the Tetra Drip


1. Amazing portability for easy carrying

Its most outstanding feature is its outstanding portability.
Look at it! How thin it is!
When folded, it takes the shape of a card, so it can be stored anywhere, including travel organizers and breast pockets. You can make a cup of coffee as soon as you think of it.


2. Triangular pyramid shape for stability!

Of course, compactness alone is not enough.
It is also outstanding in terms of stability, something that is often compromised in compact coffee drippers!
The triangular pyramid shape allows for a firm grip, and there seems to be little danger of the hand slipping.


3. A larger extraction opening enhances the taste of the coffee!

The reason why a regular conical coffee dripper brews good coffee is because of its round shape and spiral grooves that speed up the extraction process!
If the extraction speed is too slow, even the extra bitterness in the coffee is extracted.
The Tetra Drip has a large extraction port, so it extracts coffee as quickly as a conical coffee dripper.
This means that it produces delicious coffee with no extra flavors.


4. Simple design makes it versatile

It is a triangular pyramid shape, but conical paper filters can be used without problems.
The three-point support structure also allows it to be used with most cups and bottles, including those with small mouths.
The simple design makes it a versatile coffee dripper that can be used with any filter and cup.

How was it?
The coffee dripper, which can be disassembled and folded into a compact, business-card-sized unit, will be a great help in outdoor activities and travel.