Discover Japan through our social media!


We are going on a trip to Japan in July.

We would like to introduce you to Japan's wonderful scenery, cityscapes, delicious food, and various experiences through our social media and blog.  

We already have an Instagram account for our store, but since we will be in Japan for two months, we have created a new account to introduce Japan.

Please follow us along with our existing account.

Instagram Account

Our store account : fireweedhg

This is the account of our online store "Fireweed home and gift".

We introduce our current and upcoming products, as well as some great products from Japan.


 New account introducing Japan : fireweedjapan

This is an account that allows you to discover a Japan you never knew existed, including its wonderful scenery, delicious cuisine, and interesting experiences that are uniquely Japanese.


 In addition to that, we'll be posting what's happening during the trip on Twitter and Facebook, so stay tuned!

Twitter @fireweedhg 

Facebook @fireweedhg