Perfect water-resistant memo pad for your outdoor work

Tough memo pads that can be used even when wet which is excellent presence in outdoor and kitchen usage.

Do you know washable paper?

This paper is made of the same material as laundry tags used at dry cleaners.
This paper will not tear when wet or washed.
It can be used safely in outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, gardening work, and in places where water is used such as the kitchen.
It is also safe to accidentally leave it in your pocket when washing.

It will not tear or wrinkle when wet.
Even if dropped in a puddle, it will return to normal after drying.
Of course, writing in the rain is no problem at all, and you can even wash it in the washing machine by accident.
It is a cool and tough all-weather memo pad.

It has a unique design with a curved center section for easy one-handed gripping.
This curved shape makes it easy to grip and stable when held in the hand, allowing the user to hold it firmly while standing in the rain.
Although several other notepads that can be written on in the rain have been commercialized, we believe that this product is the best item available at this time, based on our comprehensive evaluation of its usability, durability, and waterproof performance.
This is an excellent notepad that can be used not only outdoors, but also in kitchens, gardens, and other places where water is used.


The body of the notepad is curved in the center.
When you grip this curve, it fits well.

It is so supple that it does not fold.
This suppleness allows the notepad to fit comfortably in the hand.

The size is small enough to slip easily into a pocket.

The Tagged Life Gear features a carabiner hole in the upper left corner.
By putting a carabiner or rope through this hole, it can be attached to a backpack for carrying.

On the other hand, "Tagged Memo Pad," which does not have a hole for a carabiner, has a cute design and is popular among women.

There are two types of paper inside: "Tagged Life Gear" is ruled with 5 mm square lines, and "Tagged Memo Pad" is ruled with 8 mm square lines.

The reverse side is not ruled.
Since both sides can be used, it is best to start using the reverse side if you wish to use a solid color.

It is perforated so it can be easily cut out.
Tear off the used pages and always keep the first page fresh.

This washable paper feels like regular paper to write on.
It is not slippery to the touch like other waterproof notepads.
It is very easy and comfortable to write on.

We recommend the use of oil-based ballpoint pens or mechanical pencils, as they can be wetted by water.
For water-based pens, we recommend using water-resistant pigmented ink.

We experimented with soaking a notepad in water.

The water gradually penetrates into the fibers of the paper, softening it.
Since it feels the same as normal paper getting wet, for a moment you may wonder, "Is it really safe ......?" I am worried.

However, the paper does not become wrinkled after soaking for a while.

What is particularly different is its resistance to twisting after wetting.

When a normal memo is wetted with water and twisted, the paper softens with the water and tears immediately.

Washable paper, on the other hand, feels softer when wetted, but does not tear easily when twisted.

It can be torn intentionally, but not by twisting.

If specializing in water resistance, it will become a general waterproof material, and basic usability such as ease of writing as a notepad will be compromised.

Washable paper feels and writes just like regular paper.
It is easy to grip and write on while standing. It has the basic usability of a notepad. The Tagged series of notepads is a new type of notepad that adds the option of water resistance to notepads.