Three things about Hario V60 pour-over coffee dripper

To brew a good cup of coffee, you need to choose the right tools.
The HARIO V60 is a relatively affordable way to enjoy the taste of authentic drip brewing.

The V60 dripper, loved around the world, is characterized by its conical shape and inner grooves (spiral ribs).
Hot water flows toward the center and slowly passes through the layers of ground beans packed tightly under the filter, allowing more flavor (coffee oil) to be extracted.
This is the reason why it is said that the extraction is similar to flannel drip.

Features of V60 dripper

Cone shape

The conical shape of the dripper allows for a thicker layer of ground beans than a conventional fan-shaped dripper.
The hot water poured into the dripper flows toward the center of the ground beans, allowing it to stay in contact with the ground beans for a longer period of time, thus extracting more of the coffee's ingredients.

 One large hole

The bottom of the dripper has a single large hole.
The tip of the paper comes out of the large hole, allowing the hot water to be extracted without interfering with the dripper, resulting in extraction that is more similar to flannel drip.
The flavor of the coffee can be changed by the speed at which the hot water is poured, allowing the brewer to enjoy your favorite coffee. 

Spiral ribs

The internal ribs (convex part) of the dripper are extended high up to the top, creating a space between the paper and the dripper.
This allows air to escape without disturbing the expansion of the ground beans during steaming, resulting in a flavor similar to that of a flannel drip.