The best coffee equipment for camping

Do you take your coffee seriously?

Enjoying a tasty cup of coffee takes a certain amount of time and effort, but it is an experience worth spending for.
It starts with selecting your favorite coffee beans, grinding the beans beautifully, and carefully dripping the coffee using the proper temperature and amount of hot water.
To brew such delicious coffee, you also want to pay attention to the coffee equipment.
Here are some of the best coffee utensils for a luxurious experience.

Authentic coffee at home or outside the home

You are all familiar with Hario coffee utensils.
Hario started as a Japanese glassware manufacturer and has grown to become a coffee equipment manufacturer used all over the world.
Hario has now released a stainless steel coffee equipment that can be used at home or outdoors to brew delicious coffee.
The name of the product is "V60 Outdoor Series".
It is an outdoor version of the V60 series, which is synonymous with Hario and loved by baristas around the world.

Designed to be used outside for camping and other outdoor activities, it is made of sturdy stainless steel that can withstand campfires and other harsh heat sources.
This year, why not enjoy the luxury of brewing delicious coffee outdoors as well?

Five utensils of outdoor series

The Outdoor Series includes all five utensils needed to brew coffee.
With this, coffee filters, and coffee beans of your choice, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee anytime, anywhere.

V60 Metal Coffee Mill
First of all, the stainless steel mill has a cool design.Of course, it is compact and easy to carry.The handle can be stored compactly.The blade is made of ceramic material, allowing you to enjoy aromatic coffee.It can handle 17g of coffee beans.

V60 Metal Dripper
Metal design series of V60 coffee drippers synonymous with Hario. Stainless steel dripper. The light and sturdy metal dripper is a good conductor of heat, eliminating the need to heat the dripper by pouring hot water over it, allowing for quick extraction. It is durable and allows you to enjoy drip coffee outdoors. The spiral ribs, a characteristic of Hario, are also well made, making this an excellent product for the discerning user.

V60 Metal Drip Kettle Buono
A drip kettle with a narrow mouth that supports careful dripping. Compatible with small gas burners, the handle is also made of stainless steel so it can be heated directly over an open fire.

V60 Metal Coffee Server
All stainless steel material is used for warming over an open flame or campfire. Can also be used for tea brewing.

V60 Metal Stacking Mug
Stainless steel mug for enjoying coffee. It has a memory inside and can be used as a measuring cup for the amount of water to be sprung. Stackable.

V60 Dripper is still loved around the world

When Hario is mentioned, many people probably think of this dripper.
If you like coffee, Hario's V60 is the basics.
Coffee lovers and baristas around the world love to use it.
The simple and functional design is the reason for its popularity, but it was developed with the concept of "anyone can brew delicious coffee easily," not as a tool for professionals.

For more information on the V60 Dripper, please click here.

Advice from a professional Japanese barista

By all means use a filter from Hario or a specialized manufacturer.
Many of the commonly sold ones get clogged up.
This slows down the extraction speed, resulting in over-extraction and taste bad.

V60 Outdoor Set will also be available

This time, only the coffee utensils will be sold individually, but we are also planning to release a "V60 Outdoor Set" packaged in a special bag.
Currently, we are out of stock and waiting for the shipment, but we will deliver it to you in the near future.
Please wait for the announcement from us.

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