Hario V60-02 Metal Dripper

$32.00 USD

The long-loved classic dripper Hario V60.
Enjoy the best coffee both at home and outside.
A new series of outdoor-use coffee utensils has been born.
The world-renowned V60 metal dripper.
The conical shape allows the ground coffee layer to be deeper vertically, and the time that the poured hot water touches the ground coffee is longer, so the flavor and aroma can be extracted more thoroughly.
The Outdoor Series uses light and strong metal as its material, while maintaining the conventional functionality.
The metallic material is durable and is well suited for the camping scene.
It can be carried with a hook.


Dimensions : 145 x 120 x H90 mm (5.71 x 4.72 x 3.54 inches)
Diameter : 120mm (4.72 inches)
Weight : 190g (6.70oz)
Capacity : Brewing up 1 - 4 cups
Material(s) :
Dripper / Stainless steel
Holder / Silicone rubber
Made in Japan

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