Hario V60 Metal Coffee Mill

$58.50 USD

A mill is a very important coffee utensil that determines the taste of coffee by the way it grinds it.
If you want to enjoy delicious coffee, you want to choose a mill from a reliable manufacturer.
The "Hario Metal Coffee Mill" can be stored compactly with the handle removed, and the mortar can be disassembled and washed with water to keep it clean.
The ceramic blade prevents the smell of metal from migrating to the coffee, so the flavor of the coffee beans is not lost.
Why don't you brew coffee with a special attention when you are camping in this summer?
A blissful time will surely await you.


Dimensions : 130 x 47 x H160 mm (5.12 x 1.85 x 6.30 inches)
Diameter : 47mm (1.85 inches)
Weight : 255g (8.99oz)
Capacity : Coffee beans 17g ( 0.6oz)
Material(s) :
Lid, Powder Receptacle / Stainless Steel
Body: Stainless steel, iron, polypropylene, polyacetal, PTFE
Handle / Stainless steel, Polypropylene
Mortar / Ceramic
Band / Silicone rubber
Made in Japan

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