Matsukan Chopsticks Fusion Cream

$17.50 USD

The FUSION series of colorful chopsticks with cute POP colors.
The greatest feature of this series is the marbling process of coloring each chopstick one by one.
The paint is floated on the surface of the water, and the craftsmen carefully scoop up the drifting paint one by one by hand to color the chopsticks.
Therefore, no two chopsticks have the same pattern, and each chopstick has a slightly different impression.
The light, colorful design is popular mainly among women, but it is also very fashionable for couples to have a pair.
There are a total of six colors available, so why not choose your favorite color as a couple or as a family?


Color variation : Brown, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple
Dimensions : L 22.5 cm (8.86 inches)
Package Weight : 18g (0.63 oz)
Material(s) : Maple wood
Coating : Polyester urethane resin coating
Made in Wakasa, Japan

*These chopsticks are dishwasher-safe, but to ensure longevity, we recommend hand-washing them, not keeping them wet for long periods of time.
It is also important to wipe off the moisture with a towel and dry thoroughly.

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