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Today, we hear that more and more people in the world are enjoying their meals with chopsticks.We believe this is the result of the spread of Japanese and Asian food culture, such as sushi and ramen, throughout the world.Chopsticks are becoming more familiar to those who used to eat with spoons and forks, and we have heard many people say that they would like to use their own chopsticks at home.In fact, when we used to live in Canada, we introduced Japanese chopsticks to retail stores and Japanese restaurants, which were very well received.We are still providing them with Japanese chopsticks and would like to introduce them to you in order to further promote the use of Japanese chopsticks.We hope that the chopsticks we introduce here will make customer's days happier and become an accent of your product lineup for your restaurant.

Our choices

Our Selection 1

Colorful Chopsticks -Mikaku-

These colorful chopsticks come in a total of 11 colors.The wholesale price is also reasonable, making it the perfect product to introduce for the first time.They are dishwasher-safe, and children's chopsticks are also available in five colors.

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Our Selection 2


The FUSION series of colorful chopsticks with cute POP colors.
The greatest feature of this series is the marbling process of coloring each chopstick one by one.
The paint is floated on the surface of the water, and the craftsmen carefully scoop up the drifting paint one by one by hand to color the chopsticks.
Therefore, no two chopsticks have the same pattern, and each chopstick has a slightly different impression.

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Our Selection 3

Natural Wood

The Natural Wood series of chopsticks is made by selecting five of Japan's representative trees and finishing them while taking advantage of their individual characteristics.
The hardness, weight, texture, and impression of the grain of the wood are different.
In order to bring out the best of the wood, it is finished with beeswax only, without painting.

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Our Selection 4


These chopsticks are made of malas, a natural wood that is hard and less deformed, for the wood base.
The finish is made with natural Japanese lacquer, making these BPA-free chopsticks safe for the mouth.

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Wholesale Pricing


Wholesale; $6.80

Our Retail Price; $10.50
Markup; 35%


Wholesale; $11.35

Our Retail Price; $17.50
Markup; 35%

Natural Wood

Wholesale; $12.00

Our Retail Price; $18.50
Markup; 35%


Wholesale; $11.35

Our Retail Price; $17.50
Markup; 35%

Minimum quantity to purchase; 15 pairs
*Includes; Free Shipping (by international e-Packet), Pop ads
*The currency is USD.

Trial Package From $76.50

We offer a trial package for first-time clients.
We have set the price to minimize your burden as much as possible.
Shipping is included, making this a very economical package.

  • 12 sets of chopsticks.
  • POP ads and stands are included.
  • Shipped by Japan Post's EMS (Express Mail Service).

*The currency is USD.

POP Advertising

We will enclose the following POP ad with the products.
Please Use as needed for displaying products.

Self-standing type POP
Enclose two POPs with QR codes explaining how to use and care for chopsticks, the name of the product, etc.

Take-home cards
We will enclose the same number of cards as the number of orders that customers are free to take home.
A QR code is printed on the card, which explains how to use and care for the chopsticks.

Price cards
We will enclose two cards that can be filled out freely. Please use them to write your price and message.

Card stands
We will enclose two card stands for the price card etc.


Our package will be shipped by Japan Post International Mail.
The following two choices are available

Free Shipping

Free Shipping is worldwide if using International e-Packet.
International e-Packet is an airmail service that can send items up to 2 kg.
Approximate time to the US is 5-8 business days,to the Asia is 3-5 business days, but please consider around 1-2 weeks.
 Tracking service is included.

*International e-Packet service to the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, and Germany is currently suspended.

Fastest Shipping +$10

For faster delivery, please choose EMS(International Express Mail) service for +$10.
This is the fastest postal service with a minimum of 3-5 days to the US, 2-4 days to the Asia.

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