Ogishi-Tadashi Chopsticks Takumi

$17.50 USD

These chopsticks are made of malas, a natural wood that is hard and less deformed, for the wood base.
The finish is made with natural Japanese lacquer, making these BPA-free chopsticks safe for the mouth.
The chopsticks are processed by skilled wood craftsmen with over 50 years of experience in Wakasa, followed by a lacquer finish by craftsmen in the Kiso region of Nagano, which is also a Japanese lacquer production area.
In order to preserve the grain and color of the fabric while providing a durable finish, a technique called "suri-urushi" is used.
This technique involves repeatedly applying lacquer and wiping it off, building up layers upon layers of lacquer to make the chopsticks more durable.
Although the process is time-consuming, the result is chopsticks that combine the beauty and durability of wood.
Also, while most chopstick shapes are round or even-numbered polygons (square, hexagonal, octagonal, etc.), these chopsticks are finished in an unusual heptagonal shape.
The chopsticks fit easily in the hand, but the odd-numbered polygonal shapes are difficult to carve out cleanly, so this design requires a skilled craftsman.
The chopsticks are available in three colors, and since they are made of natural lacquer, you will enjoy using them for a long time as the colors change with use.


Color variation : Black, Red, Natural
Dimensions : L 23.0 cm (9.05 inches)
Package Weight : 15g (0.53 oz)
Material(s) : Malas
Coating : Natural Japanese Lacquer
Made in Wakasa, Japan

*Do not use a dishwasher as it is natural Japanese lacquer finished wood.
The Japanese lacquer may peel off by high temperature washing or strong drying.
*Do not leave it in water or hot water. Wash and dry immediately after use.
*Wipe dry immediately after washing and store in a well ventilated area. Poor drainage may cause mold.

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