Matsukan Chopsticks Natural Wood

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Japan is a forest-rich country.
More than 70% of Japan's land is covered with forests, and most of its natural forests are made up of broad-leaved trees.
With its long north-south axis, Japan has a wide variety of tree species.

The Natural Wood series of chopsticks is made by selecting five of Japan's representative trees and finishing them while taking advantage of their individual characteristics.
The hardness, weight, texture, and impression of the grain of the wood are different.
In order to bring out the best of the wood, it is finished with beeswax only, without painting.
The simple design of these chopsticks allows you to enjoy the original color and beauty of the wood.

The beeswax used for the finish is a natural wax that is also used in cosmetics due to its excellent moisturizing properties.
It is not harmful to the mouth and is BPA-free, making it safe to use as chopsticks for children.
However, they are very delicate chopsticks and require regular handling and maintenance compared to other chopsticks.
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Introduction of tree species (arranged in order of weight)

Nara (Japanese Oak)
A typical Japanese hardwood with a subdued grain and coloration. Reddish cream to white in color. It has an elegant smell peculiar to Nara.

Buna (Beech)
A hardwood of the beech family. Beige to whitish bark with distinctive mottling. It is used for children's wooden toys because of its durability.

Sakura (Cherry blossom)
A broad-leaved tree of the rose family. The texture is dense and smooth. It has various colors such as yellow, green, and light pink. As time goes by, it turns into a candy color and becomes elegant and calm.

Ichii (Japanese Yew)
A coniferous tree of the yew family with a slightly orange tinge. The color darkens with age and becomes a caramel-like hue. The grain of the wood is beautiful with its dense annual rings. In ancient times, it was used to make scepters for the aristocracy.

Hinoki (Japanese Cypress)
Hinoki is one of the most representative Japanese softwoods. The highest grade of building material. The yellowish white to pinkish white color is elegant and beautiful. It has a scent peculiar to Hinoki.


Dimensions : L 22.5 cm (8.86 inches)
Material(s) and Weight :
Nara (Japanese Oak) ; 16g
Buna (Beech) ; 13g
Sakura (Cherry Blossom) ; 12g
Ichii (Japanese Yew) ; 11g
Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) ; 10g
Coating : Natural beeswax finish (uncoated)
Made in Wakasa, Japan

*Do not use a dishwasher as it is unpainted natural wood.
High temperature washing or strong drying may cause warping or cracking.
*Do not leave it in water or hot water. Wash and dry immediately after use.
*Wipe dry immediately after washing and store in a well ventilated area.
Poor drainage may cause mold.

*If the surface becomes crumbly or less water-repellent, apply a small amount of beeswax or dry oil to a soft cloth and rub it in.
Dried oil is appropriate for maintenance, but sesame oil or olive oil can be substituted.
If so, be sure to wipe off the oil thoroughly after application.
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