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Color up your restaurant !

Why don't you display Japanese chopsticks with various designs at your restaurant?

We believe that most customers in Japanese restaurants use chopsticks to enjoy their food.Even if you normally use a knife or fork, there are probably few people who hesitate to use chopsticks anymore.This is the result of Japanese foods such as sushi and ramen spreading widely throughout the world, and some people now prefer to use their own chopsticks at home.Chopsticks are by no means used only for Japanese foods.These days, more and more people are incorporating a variety of them into their lives, transcending countries and cultures.We hope that the chopsticks we introduce here will make customer's days happier and become an accent of your product lineup for your restaurant.

3 advantages of recommending chopsticks

As a decorative display for your restaurants
Colorful chopsticks in a variety of designs can sometimes serve as a decorative display in a restaurant. How about using them to add color to a small space such as by the cash register?

As an item that leaves a stronger impression of your restaurant
The special feeling of being able to purchase chopsticks, a tool that a customer has just used, will make the time spent at the restaurant even more memorable.

As a tool to distinguish itself from other restaurants
As Japanese food becomes popular around the world and Japanese restaurants open up all over town, you may find yourself struggling to make your restaurant unique. Why not use Japanese chopsticks instead of Buddha statues or beckoning cats as a new restaurant color scheme?

POP Advertising Package

We will enclose the following POP ad with the products,
so that you can start selling the product as soon as it arrives

Self-standing type POP
Enclose two POPs with QR codes explaining how to use and care for chopsticks, the name of the product, etc.

Take-home cards
We will enclose the same number of cards as the number of orders that customers are free to take home.
A QR code is printed on the card, which explains how to use and care for the chopsticks.

Price cards
We will enclose two cards that can be filled out freely. Please use them to write your price and message.

Card stands
We will enclose two card stands for the price card etc.


Our Selection 1

Colorful Chopsticks -Mikaku-

The shape of the chopsticks is octagonal, which fits comfortably in the hand and is easy to hold.
These colorful chopsticks are simple and dishwasher-safe.
They are also reasonably priced, making them an ideal pair of chopsticks for your first chopsticks.

Adult chopsticks are 22.5 cm long and come in a total of 11 colors.
Chopsticks for children are 18 cm long and come in a total of 5 colors.

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Our Selection 2


The FUSION series of colorful chopsticks with cute POP colors.
The greatest feature of this series is the marbling process of coloring each chopstick one by one.
The paint is floated on the surface of the water, and the craftsmen carefully scoop up the drifting paint one by one by hand to color the chopsticks.
Therefore, no two chopsticks have the same pattern, and each chopstick has a slightly different impression.

The light, colorful design is popular mainly among women, but it is also very fashionable for couples to have a pair.
There are a total of six colors available, so why not choose your favorite color as a couple or as a family?

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Our Selection 3

Natural Wood

The Natural Wood series of chopsticks is made by selecting five of Japan's representative trees and finishing them while taking advantage of their individual characteristics.
The hardness, weight, texture, and impression of the grain of the wood are different. In order to bring out the best of the wood, it is finished with beeswax only, without painting.
The simple design of these chopsticks allows you to enjoy the original color and beauty of the wood.
The beeswax used for the finish is a natural wax that is also used in cosmetics due to its excellent moisturizing properties. It is not harmful to the mouth and is BPA-free, making it safe to use as chopsticks for children.

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Our Selection 4


These chopsticks are made of malas, a natural wood that is hard and less deformed, for the wood base.
The finish is made with natural Japanese lacquer, making these BPA-free chopsticks safe for the mouth.
The chopsticks are processed by skilled wood craftsmen with over 50 years of experience in Wakasa, followed by a lacquer finish by craftsmen in the Kiso region of Nagano, which is also a Japanese lacquer production area.
Although the process is time-consuming, the result is chopsticks that combine the beauty and durability of wood.
Also, while most chopstick shapes are round or even-numbered polygons (square, hexagonal, octagonal, etc.), these chopsticks are finished in an unusual heptagonal shape.
The chopsticks fit easily in the hand, but the odd-numbered polygonal shapes are difficult to carve out cleanly, so this design requires a skilled craftsman.

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<< Special Trial package from USD$147 >>
Trial package $98.00

This is a limited first-time package that includes 15 pairs of chopsticks, shipping fee, sales POP, and everything else you need.

Package price; $98.00
*The currency is USD.
Product Name; Colorful Chopsticks Mikaku
Number of products; 15 pairs of chopsticks
Colors and sizes; 5 kinds x 3 pairs, 22.5cm, for adults only, colors are assorted.
Shipping Fee; Free shipping (sent by Japan Post EMS).
*POP and other necessary items for product sales are also included.
*Glass cups for chopsticks are not included.
*This is a limited package for the first time only.

Regular wholesale price

Wholesale price; 65% ($9.30x65%=$6.05/pairs)
Minimum quantity to purchase; 30 pairs
*The price is the same for both adults and children.
*The currency is USD.
Product name; Colorful Chopsticks Mikaku
Color and size;
Adults: 22.5 cm, 11 colors (Beige, Gray, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Brown, Orange, Red, Purple, White)
Children: 18cm, 5 colors (Beige, Gray, Blue, Pink, Yellow)
Free Shipping if shipped by Japan Post International e-Packet.
For faster EMS delivery, an additional shipping fee of $10 will be charged.
*POP and other necessary items for product sales are also included.
*Glass cups for chopsticks are not included.

Total price for 6 kinds of adult chopsticks (5 pairs each) and 2 kinds of kids chopsticks (5 pairs each), totaling 40 pairs, sent by EMS.

6.05x 40 pairs = $242 ($9.30x65% = $6.05/pairs)
Shipping cost EMS $10
Total amount $252
*The currency is USD.


Your package will be shipped by Japan Post International Mail.
The following two choices are available

Free Shipping

Shipping is free worldwide if using International e-Packet.

International e-Packet is an airmail service that can send items up to 2 kg.
Approximate time to the Southeast Asia is 3-6 business days, but please consider around from one  week to 10 days .
 Tracking service is included.

Fastest Shipping +USD$10

For faster delivery, please choose EMS service for +USD$10.

EMS (International Express Mail)
This is the fastest postal service with a minimum of 2-5 days to the Southeast Asia.
Tracking service is included.


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Taxes and Duties

Japanese Taxes
Japanese consumption tax is not charged on goods exported outside Japan.

Taxes and Duties on Imports into the your country.
Customs duties on imports to your country. often depend on the number of items and their prices.
I used a tariff calculator app to calculate the tariffs to Singapore as a test.
The customs duty for importing 30 pairs of chopsticks priced at USD$12 was duty free.
However, Singapore Customs will charge 7% VAT, which is also a consumption tax.
Also,in rare cases, customs officers or customs brokers may charge customs duty.
We hope you will understand that there is possibility of being charged with customs duty in rare cases.
In the event of a customs duty charge, the importer (You) will be responsible for the procedure.

Wholesale and Retail Pricing

For wholesale pricing, we will offer 65% of our retail price (35% markup) on all items.
However, because we are an online store, we sell our retail prices below market prices to account for additional costs such as shipping.
We do not set your retail prices, so you are free to sell our products at whatever price you think is fair.

An announcement regarding BPA

In recent years, we have seen the regulation of BPA, particularly in Europe and the United States. BPA is a chemical called bisphenol A, which is used as a raw material for polycarbonate, a type of plastic, and epoxy resin.
Since 1997, BPA has been a topic of public concern as a substance that may have adverse effects on the endocrine system. 
We have been informed by the manufacturer that a very small amount of BPA has even been detected in the paint of the colored portions of these chopsticks we handle. 
However, since this amount is considered to have no effect on the human body according to Japanese standards, and since these chopsticks are not for direct contact with food or the mouth, we have determined that there is no problem and decided to sell them.
However, we understand that there are customers who are sensitive to BPA, In that case, please consider BPA-free chopsticks.

Chopsticks come from WAKASA!

We currently live in a place called Shiga Prefecture, which is located almost in the center of Japan. Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, is located here, and the neighboring area is Kyoto.Just a 30-minute drive from here is the famous chopstick production area called Wakasa, which faces the Sea of Japan.This area, with its beautiful rias coastline, has long been famous for chopstick making, and even today, about 80% of all chopsticks made in Japan are produced in this area. WAKASA is the name of the chopsticks in Japan.Of course, all of the chopsticks we handle are made in Obama City, Wakasa.

Thank you very much for reading to the end.
We hope we can help make your store as colorful as possible.
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