Hi Mojimoji

Hi-Mojimoji Tagged Memo Pad Dot -Green-Orange-

$6.80 USD

It will not tear even when wet with water. Amazing durability.
This tough memo pad can be used in any field.
If the Tagged Life Gear is the partner you want to take outdoors, the Tagged Memo Pad will work well in the kitchen, garden, and other water-use situations.
The slightly curved shape makes it easy to grip with one hand, so it can be easily slipped into a hip pocket, and it is also supple enough to fit.
Of course, there is no problem even if you accidentally wash it.
The designs are all cute and cool, making them ideal for gifts.


Size : W79 x H131 x D11 mm
Weight : 74g
Material(s) : Washable paper
Number of sheets: 100 sheets
Made in Japan

Do not tear when wet

Washable paper

In Japanese dry-cleaning shop, there is a tag attached by the to classify clothes deposited.

This tag for cleaning that attached to shirts or coats before washing is a so durable that can not be torn even if it is wet and pulled.

This special paper which strong against water is the “washable paper”.

A cleaning tag specialized production company and a designer in Tokyo has collaborated and made born the memo pad of this special paper.


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