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Hi-Mojimoji Tagged Life Gear -Lifesaving Float-

$8.95 USD

A memo pad made of paper that can withstand washing.

It can be used even if raining, it is also strong against the sweat in the summer.
Of course, even if accidentally washing is no problem!
It’s so exciting item!

It is easy to grasp with one hand, of course strong against for rain and sweat, also is mounted a ring hall to hang on your backpack which due to respond a strong request of “I want to use it more hardcore situation” from outdoor user.

The inner sheet is a 5 mm grid type to make it easy to record and sketch on your trip.
This is an unprecedented memo pad for outdoor needs.


Size : W79 x H131 x D12 mm
Weight : 75g
Material(s) : Washable paper
Number of sheets: 100 sheets
Ruled line : 5 mm grid
Made in Japan

Do not tear when wet

Washable paper

In Japanese dry-cleaning shop, there is a tag attached by the to classify clothes deposited.

This tag for cleaning that attached to shirts or coats before washing is a so durable that can not be torn even if it is wet and pulled.

This special paper which strong against water is the “washable paper”.

A cleaning tag specialized production company and a designer in Tokyo has collaborated and made born the memo pad of this special paper.


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