Ilcana-Hario V60 Coffee Dripper 02 Ceramic -Sky Blue-

$33.00 USD

Stylish new color ceramic dripper

This ceramic custom-made V60 dripper was planned by Ilkana, a company specializing in coffee equipments, and manufactured by Hario.
Ceramic drippers are durable and prevent heat loss during extraction.
White and red are the most common colors for Hario’s drippers, but all of Ilkana's original colors are beautiful and attractive.

This type 02 is suited to brew one to three cups at a time.
Please use a cone type coffee filter.


Size : W140mm × D120mm × H102mm, Diameter 116mm
Weight : 370g
Material(s) : Porcelain
Made in Arita, Japan

Masterpiece of ceramic coffee dripper

Hario V60

The "HARIO" logo is often seen in cafes and other places. In fact, HARIO is a Japanese manufacturer of heat-resistant glass that has been in business for over 90 years.
The "HARIO V60" in particular is now becoming the standard for drippers worldwide.
What is the reason for this?


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