Bande Washi Roll Stickers -Classical Rose-

$4.95 USD

Rose is a symbol of love and beauty.
The language of flower is different from depending on the color and how many of flowers.
It seems there are many kind of flower language for love from the fact that it has been used as a flower to convey feelings for a long time.
Let’s casually paste on a message card to convey your feelings to your crush.


Includes : 200 pieces of 12 patterns.
Packaging size: H79.5mm × W105mm × D42 mm
Weight : 17g
Material(s) : Washi paper
Made in Japan

New type of Washi decoration

Washi Roll Stickers

Have you heard of washi tape?

This tape is made of paper from Japanese tradition and is an excellent product that can be applied and removed many times.

The tape has now been transformed into a sticker-type item that is ideal for decorating letters, organizers, walls, and other items.


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