"Important Notice" Starts business in Japan

We, Fireweed home and gift, started our business in Victoria, Canada in 2018 as an online store showcasing great Japanese products.
And now we are pleased to announce that we will be moving our base to Japan in February 2023.
We are confident that the convenience of our online store will take a great leap forward as we will be able to introduce more products to more customers.

Six advantages of moving to Japan
  1. The most significant benefit is that we will be able to sell and deliver to more regions. Up until now, our focus has been on North America (Canada and the U.S.), but now we plan to expand to Asia, Oceania, Europe, etc., in addition to North America. More customers will be able to enjoy our selection of products.
  2. We will be able to communicate new products and the latest information to you in real time because we will be able to get closer to the producers.
  3. Since we can actually visit the production site, we can introduce the story behind the product to you in more detail.
  4. By being based in Japan, we will be able to introduce more realistic Japanese attractions through our blog and SNS.
  5. Shipping costs from Japan will be more reasonable than before, reducing the burden on customers.
  6. Product arrival time from producer will be more than 5 times faster than before, allowing for new products to arrive faster or shorter product outage periods.
Three new attempts in the future.

After our move to Japan, the online store will continue to operate as the new "Fireweed home and gift".
As the new FHG, we plan to try the following

  1. We plan to greatly expand our sales channels not only to North America, but also to Asia, Oceania, and Europe.
  2. We plan to stock products based on each customer's individual request. This is an attempt to purchase not only the products we select, but also the products our customers want on a request basis.
  3. We plan to expand our B2B sales channels. We will accelerate wholesale sales of products not only to individual customers but also to stores.
Temporary closure of our online store

There will be some work to migrate the website from Canada to Japan from early of February.
Therefore, the online store will be temporarily closed.
We will do our best to complete the work in the shortest time possible, but please understand the inconvenience this may cause.
More details will be announced later on our blog and Facebook.

We hope you enjoy our new Fireweed home and gift!!!

Fireweed home and gift
Yu Koizumi