"IMPORTANT NOTICE" Temporary Suspension of Purchase

As we recently announced, we will be moving our business base to Japan.
We will continue to operate our online store, but there will be some work involved in moving it from Canada to Japan.

Therefore, we are temporarily suspending online store payment (purchase of products) from February 1, 2023.

You can continue to browse our website and add items to your cart.
However, you cannot move to the payment page. An error screen will appear, so please click the "Return to previous page" button.

The suspending period

February 1, 2023 to approximately March 25, 2023.

We plan to complete the transition in the shortest possible time, but it may be extended.
Any reopening will be announced on our blog or Facebook.

The benefits of moving to Japan are many and varied, and we intend to run our store with more products, variety, and fun than ever before.
Please look forward to it.
For more information, please refer to this page.


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