Plus Twiggy Compact Scissors

$7.80 USD

The "twiggy" is an ultra-compact and slim pen-shaped scissors.
Compared to ordinary scissors, the difference is obvious.
Since the scissors do not have a handle, they look like a pen.

It has a lock for peace of mind!
Slide it vertically to unlock it.

Even if the cap is removed while carrying the product, you can rest assured that it is locked.

Easy to cut with one hand.
Unlock it and out comes the handle.
You can cut either with the handle up or down, whichever way you prefer to hold it.
You can use it with your left hand without any problem.

Convenient to carry because it fits in a pen case.
Regular scissors are bulky when carried, but Twiggy is compact and easy to move around.
The curved shape of the blade, called a Bernoulli curve blade, provides a smooth cut from the root to the tip.


Size : W135×D12×H10mm
Weight : 24g
The length of a blade : 42mm
Material(s) :  ABS-Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (Body), High-carbon stainless steel (Blade)
Designed in Japan

*Do not forcefully cut thick or hard materials.

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