Ogishi-Tadashi Chopsticks Gift Set -Pastel-

$20.45 USD

Chopsticks are never used only for eating sushi or ramen.
In Japan and many other Asian countries, chopsticks are used as the main cutlery.
This chopstick gift set is recommended for those who use chopsticks usually as well as for those who do not own chopsticks.

Japanese chopsticks are light and come in a variety of designs

Japanese chopsticks are often made of wood or bamboo and are very light.
Using traditional lacquer ware techniques, a variety of colors and designs are applied while at the same time making the chopsticks strong enough to last for a long time.
Made in the Wakasa region of Fukui Prefecture, one of Japan's major chopstick production centers, this set of chopsticks is decorated in bright blue and pink colors with a design of "Sakura," a typical Japanese flower.
The length of each chopstick is different: blue is 23cm (9-1/16in) for men and pink is 21cm (8-17/64in) for women, and the material used is natural wood grown in the mountains of Japan.

We hope you will incorporate Japanese chopsticks into your life.
You will enjoy a different way of eating.


Dimensions : Blue 23cm (9-1/16in), Pink 21cm (8-17/64in)
Weight : 87g (3.07oz)
Material(s) : Natural Wood
Coating : Acrylic urethane resin coating
Made in Wakasa, Japan

These chopsticks are dishwasher safe.
However, to prolong the life of your chopsticks, wash them by hand and do not leave them wet.

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