Ogishi-Tadashi Chopsticks Gift Set -Cream & Gray-

$27.00 USD

Here comes a chic and stylish set of chopsticks for couples.
The set includes two sets of 22.5 cm chopsticks, a size that is easy to use for both men and women, each with its own chopstick rest.
Made in the Wakasa region of Fukui Prefecture, one of Japan's major chopstick production centers, the chopsticks are very delicate and can grip even the smallest of objects.
You may have used chopsticks at a sushi or ramen restaurant at one time or another, but we encourage you to try incorporating chopstick culture into your everyday meals at home.
It will surely make your eating life more colorful!

What does the chopstick rest do?

This set comes with a chopstick rest.
Chopstick rests are used to rest chopsticks on when they are not in use, and are often used in formal occasions.
It is considered good manners to place chopsticks on the chopstick rests when not in use to prevent the chopstick tips from becoming unsanitary and to prevent the chopsticks from rolling around.
However, in most households, chopstick rests are not used, and are often placed on the edge of a plate as a substitute for a chopstick rest.
On the other hand, when you invite guests to a dinner party, you should prepare chopstick rests for them.
It is a part of the Japanese chopstick culture, so please enjoy setting the table using chopstick rests.


Package Weight : 110g

Chopsticks ;
Dimensions : Cream, Gray 22.5cm (8-55/64in)
Material(s) : Natural Wood
Coating : Acrylic urethane resin coating
Made in Wakasa, Japan

Chopstick Rest ;
Dimensions : Diameter 4cm (1-37/64in)
Material(s) : Porcelain
Made in Gifu, Japan

These chopsticks are dishwasher safe.
However, to prolong the life of your chopsticks, wash them by hand and do not leave them wet.

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