matratt Wood Grain Cutlery Set

$15.00 USD

Carry your own cutlery in your bag!

As the term "SDGs" is becoming more and more prevalent in today's world, plastic disposable cutlery is gradually disappearing.
Just as disposable cups and bottles are gradually disappearing and more and more people are carrying their own bottles, cutlery that is thrown away after a single use will shift to an era of carrying in many countries.

Popular spoon and fork set with wood grain design

A spoon and fork with a chunky form.
The 18cm size is easy to use for both adults and children.
The plastic cutlery is coated with an antibacterial finish that inhibits the growth of bacteria even when left after use.
Even after repeated washing, the function does not deteriorate, and the effect lasts semi-permanently.
The case is also simple and compact, making it easy to handle and less bulky in a bag.


Package Weight : 90g (3.17oz)
Dimensions / Case : 19.5cm (7-43/64in) × 4.8cm (1-57/64in) × 2.6cm (1-1/32in) / Cutlery : 18cm (7-3/32in)
Material(s) / Casebody, Cutlery : ABS resins / Lid : AS resins
Made in Japan

Dishwasher NOT safe.
Do not use a dishwasher as it may deform the product.

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