matratt Wood Chopsticks and Case

$13.00 USD

It's cool to carry my own chopsticks!

Disposable plastic products are gradually disappearing.
Cutlery used for lunch is one such product.
More and more stores are carrying cutlery made of more nature-friendly materials, but why not carry more eco-friendly cutlery here?
Moreover, chopsticks can be stored more compactly than spoons and forks.

Natural wood chopsticks are non-slip and easy to use

The chopsticks are made of natural wood, giving them the warmth of wood.
The length is 18 cm, which is easy for even women to handle.
The side-opening case is also well made and compact.
It is large enough to be carried in a small bag without bothering you.


Package Weight : 40g (1.41oz)
Dimensions / Case : 19.5cm (7-43/64in) × 2.3cm (29/32in) × 1.3cm (33/64in) / Cutlery : 18cm (7-3/32in)
Material(s) / Casebody : ABS resins / Lid : AS resins / Chopsticks : Natural Wood (Acrylic urethane resin coating)
Made in Japan

Dishwasher NOT safe.
Dishwasher use can deform the case and cause the coating on the chopsticks to peel off.

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