Kokuyo Oshare Notebook 2

$15.60 USD

The second edition of the popular dress-up sticker picture book “Oshare Notebook”!

This sticker book allows you to create and play with coordinates as many times as you like with stickers of fashion items that can be pasted and peeled off.
The second edition of "Oshare Notebook" features all-new item stickers.
The sticker margins have been eliminated so that the dress-up stickers can be neatly stacked on top of each other, and the designs incorporate the latest fashion items.
With unique items such as all-in-one dresses, work pants, and cassock hats, "Fashionable Notebook 2" is sure to spark a girl's love of fashion!
The coloring pages are themed around occupational fashion.
The stickers in the "Oshare Notebook" series are the same size, so you can enjoy coordinating more than one book.


Includes : 12 pages of dressed-up, 8 pages of coloring and 10 pages of stickers
Size : W178mm × H182mm × D12mm
Weight : 207g
Material(s) : Paper
Printed in Japan

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