Kokuyo Oshare Notebook Liz Lisa

$15.60 USD

The third edition of "Oshare Notebook," a sticker book that lets you create and play with coordinates as many times as you like!
This time, it collaborated with “LIZ LISA," a brand popular among teenage girls in Japan, to incorporate real fashion items.
It is perfect for “Oshare Notebook" fans, girls who yearn for a little "lady's" fashion, and fashionable parents and children.
The stickers are the same size as those in "Oshare Notebook" and "Oshare Notebook 2," so you can create even more coordinates with the three books.
Enjoy a variety of tastes for different occasions.
The theme of the coloring pages is Parisian cafes.


Includes : 12 pages of dressed-up, 8 pages of coloring and 10 pages of stickers
Size : W178mm × H182mm × D12mm
Weight : 207g
Material(s) : Paper
Printed in Japan

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