Kokuyo Oshare Notebook

$15.60 USD

Let's have more fun dressing up!
Dress-up and coloring for little adult girls.

It was drawn by a fashion drawing instructor who wanted to provide authenticity to children's play.
The stickers are carefully designed to show the texture of the clothes and the poses that make them look beautiful.
The stickers are removable, so you can change the coordination as many times as you like.
There are 12 pages of dress-up girls with various hairstyles and more than 200 stickers for fashionable items such as blouses, skirts, dresses, colorful tights, and basket bags.


Includes : 12 pages of dressed-up, 8 pages of coloring and 10 pages of stickers
Size : W178mm × H182mm × D12mm
Weight : 207g
Material(s) : Paper
Printed in Japan

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