Kokuyo Miri-keshi Plastic Eraser

$2.40 USD

The Miri-keshi is ideal for erasing only the smallest of details in notebooks and organizers.
With a regular eraser, the corners gradually become rounded, making it very difficult to erase fine details.
Many people may have accidentally erased unnecessary parts by mistake.
The Miri-keshi comes in five different widths (6mm, 5mm, 4mm, 3mm, and Sharp edges), allowing you to choose the eraser width to match the width of the ruled lines in your notebook, which is very convenient when erasing just one line.

The materials used are environmentally friendly, non-phthalate vinyl chloride, which is moderately hard and has excellent erasing power.


Size : W22mm × D50mm × H22mm
Weight : 16g
Material(s) : ATBC-PVC (Acetyl tributyl citrate-polyvinyl chloride)
Made in Japan

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