Kokuyo Make Faces Notebook

$13.85 USD

This is a cool idea craft book for kids with 52 kinds of "faces" of the base paper and 6 pages of stickers for parts such as eyes, nose, and mouth.
Not only put the stickers on, but also add drawings with pens and colored pencils to complete the faces, freeing up your imagination!
Various "faces" can be created by combining parts in different ways, as well as by different positions and angles of pasting.
You can make happy faces, laughing faces, troubled faces, embarrassed faces, and various other faces.
Everyone can play and laugh together with this "Faces Notebook”.
Make it with your friends and parents and share the funny face you’ve made!

Usually, sticker books are designed so that they can be reapplied.
However, the stickers in the “Faces Notebook Series" cannot be reapplied.
This is because the author wants to treasure the work created by the creativity of the child at that moment.
In many cases, stickers that can be reattached do not remain as "works of art”.
Also, while re-pasting, a well-formed piece is created.
The “Faces Notebook" is a craft book that values the child's intuition at that moment.


Includes : 48 pages and 6 pages stickers
Size : W188mm × H182mm × D14mm
Weight : 256g
Material(s) : Paper
Printed in Japan

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