Kokuyo Harinacs Press Stapleless Stapler

$13.85 USD

You don’t need to refill another staple anymore!

Harinacs, a stapler developed by Kokuyo that does not use needles.
Since its launch, various improvements have been made to make it easier and more convenient to use.
Children can use it safely.
Since no needles are used, there are no accidental accidents such as needles getting stuck or accidental ingestion.
It will be useful for crafts with children, families with small children, and pre-schools.
This stapler is used in the food and beverage industry and is also environmentally friendly.
It can be used safely in kitchens, etc., as it prevents needles from getting mixed in.

Features of Harinacs Press
“Harinacs Press” is the product to crimp and staple the docs.
With a closed section of only 1 cm, it is inconspicuous and ideal for documents to be handed to others.
Ideal for documents that are designed to remove the staple. Just rub to remove cleanly.
Up to 5 sheets can be stapled.


Size : 34mm x 95mm x 85mm
Weight : 204g
Material(s) : R-ABS (Cover), ABS (Paper insertion slot), Steel (Body)
Designed in Japan

Not as strong as a pin stapler
Stapling strength (number of pages) may vary according to the gauge of the paper.
Recommended for normal paper only (cannot be used with plastics, film or sticky products)

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