Kalita Tsubame Drip Pot DP1000

$68.00 USD

Simple stainless steel drip pot.
The gooseneck pour spout is also fine, dripping slowly with a certain quantity.
So this is nice goods to be possible for a beginner to make delicious coffee.
It is solidly and carefully made and recommended as every day use.


What is the “Made in Tsubame” ?
Tsubame-city in Niigata Japan, known as the largest producing district of metalworking industry in Japan since the Edo period of about 300 years ago.
Here the brand “Made in Tsubame” born in 2008 gave and spread the their quality to the world in a stroke.
“Made in TSUBAME” is a title given only to products to be acknowledged that their quality is condensed, and at the same time, it still alive as a symbol of the skills and pride of craftsmen involved in manufacturing in this area.


Size : 280mm × 120mm × 150mm
Weight : 390g
Capacity : 1000ml
Material(s) : Stainless steel
Made in Tsubame, Japan

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