Ilcana Mt.Fuji Coffee Dripper -Standard-

$31.00 USD

MT.FUJI DRIPPER is a cone shaped stainless steel wire coffee dripper which is shape of the mountain “Mt. Fuji” representing Japan.
With a simple and cool design, very light weight, it has created with the concept of enjoying coffee more easily.
This dripper is created and finished by craftsman in Tsubame Niigata Japan, which city is very famous for metal production such as kitchen knives, pots and pans.

Ready-made corn shape coffee filter can be used.
It is suitable for brewing 1 to 4 cups (about 500 ml) of coffee.
You can use directly by setting it in a coffee server or pot, also possible to drip directly into a mug or cup.


Size : W145mm×H82mm, Diameter:110mm
Weight : 60g
Material(s) : Stainless steel – S30400
Made in Tsubame, Japan

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