Compact to carry around! A necessity for sustainable living

The time has come to carry your own cutlery.

The world is moving away from plastics.
Littered plastic products continue to accumulate in the oceans and cause marine pollution. Microplastics, which are tiny fragments of plastic products, are now being taken into the bodies of fish and other animals, resulting in food contamination and other problems that affect our lives.
Plastic bags are already being charged for, and the distribution of plastic products such as disposable cutlery and straws is being banned, so we can say that we have entered an era in which we must always carry our own cutlery and other lunch items.

From the viewpoint of supporting the de-plasticization, we too have decided to handle cutlery sets that are convenient to carry around.
As a first step, we will sell the following products.
We will inform you when we start selling them.