Torune Dolphins and Ocean Friends Food Picks

Food Picks /  Lettermail shipping is available.


This is cute pick set of dolphins and sea friends like sea otters, whales, penguins and spotted seals.

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Set contents : Total 8 (4 dolphins, 1 sea otter, 1 whale, 1 penguin, 1 spotted seal)

Full length of pick : 37 – 46mm (Pick part about 30 mm)

Heat resistant temperature 70°C (158°F), Cooling tolerance – 20°C (-4°F)

Material(s) : ABS resin

Weight: About 18g (including packaging)

Lettermail shipping is available.


➤It may be degenerated by terpene or oil and fat contained in citrus peel such as lemon.

➤Please do not use in a microwave oven, oven, dish dryer, dishwasher and so on.

➤Please do not use in the freezer.


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