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Perfect for your camping trip | Portability foldable coffee dripper

Enjoy your coffee with Tetra Drip

“Want to enjoy your own favorite coffee even at trip and outdoor.” Have you ever thought so?

But tend to hesitate to bring with your trip because of bulky as a tool of travel.

However, an excellent item that did not consider this trouble appeared.


Features of the Tetra Drip

1. Amazing portability convenient to carry


Behold, this thinness! Tetra Drip


The most characteristic of that one is its superb compact portability.

Look, this thinness!

Because it is a structure combining three plates, so easy to disassemble like a card.

For the item of stainless steel, the thickness is only 0.9 mm when disassembled, and the weight is 40 g, and it is designed to stick to the compactness at the time of carry.


Because it becomes a shape like a card when folded up, it can be stored anywhere such as Travel Organizer, breast pocket etc.

So you can make coffee anytime you can at out of your home.

2. Excellent stability with triangular pyramid shape.


Excellent stability with triangular pyramid shape | Tetra Drip


Of course, it is meaningless just by being compact.

It is outstandingly excellent with respect to stability which was easily overlooked in a compact coffee dripper!

Since it is in the shape of a triangular pyramid, it seems that there is less danger of sliding your hand, as it can be gripped firmly.

3. Enlarge your coffee taste by enlarging extraction port!


3. Enlarge your coffee taste by enlarging extraction port | Tetra Drip


To be able to brew delicious coffee with a normal conical coffee dripper, because of the extraction speed is fast due to the round shape and the spiral groove!

If the extraction speed is slow, excess coffee extra taste will be extracted.

the extraction speed of “Tetra Drip” isn’t big different from general a conical coffee dripper because of the large extraction port.

That’s why it is finished in delicious coffee with no extra taste.

4. Very versatile because it is a simple design.


4. Very versatile because it is a simple design | Tetra Drip


Although it is in the form of a triangular pyramid, a conical paper filter can be used without problems.

Also, since it is a structure that supports with 3 points, it can be used for most cups and bottles, including the bottle with small mouth.

Because it is a simple design, it has become a coffee dripper that excels in versatility that neither filters nor cups are chosen.

How was of this coffee dripper?

The coffee dripper which becomes compactness of business card size by disassembling will make a big success in your outdoor trip and travel.

Let’s enjoy your coffee time at outdoor!


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