idea box - great point of Hario V60 dripper

Best hit in the world! Hario V60 pour-over coffee dripper

If you want to brew delicious coffee, hope to stick from tool selection.
With relatively affordable price, you can enjoy authentic drip taste by “HARIO v60”.

HARIO’s v60 dripper is loved around the world.

It is a conical shape, characterized by a groove (spiral rib) inside.
Unlike a general fan-shaped one, this is a conical shape.
As hot water flows towards the center and passes through the thick layer of ground coffee tightly packed till the bottom we can extract more good flavor (coffee oil).
This is the reason why it is said that “the extraction can be done close to nel drip”.

The material is Arita-ware, which a history of over 400 years.
And these are one by one handmade item by craftsmen who has high technical skills in Arita Japan.

It has durability and furnished functional beauty.

Features of V60 dripper

Ilcana Hario Dripper V60

Features 1 Cone shape

By making the shape of the dripper a cone shape, the layer of ground coffee becomes thicker than a fan-shape dripper. Because the poured hot water flows toward the center, it touches the coffee powder more longer, so it is suitable for extraction of a small number of people. Compared to fan-shape dripper, you can extract more coffee ingredients.

Ilcana Hario Dripper V60

Features 2 One large hole

One big hole on the bottom of the dripper.

As a result, hot water poured by the tip of the paper coming out from a large hole can be extracted without interfering with the dripper, and it will be brewed closer to flannel dripper taste. Because you can change the taste of coffee by the speed of pouring hot water, you can enjoy the coffee you like.

Ilcana Hario Dripper V60

Features 3 Spiral ribs

By raising the internal rib (convex) of the dripper to the high part, a space is formed between the paper and the dripper, it does not disturb the expansion of the coffee powder by steaming, the air firmly escapes, so the taste is similar of the flannel dripper.

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