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Our reasons for introducing Japanese items

There is a unique culture of craftsman lasts several hundred years in Japan.

Today, young craftsmen and designers take over the technology born from tradition and produce many works that suited the current our lifestyle, which is often introduced overseas as a fine goods of JAPAN Made reaching the area of ​​art.

It can be said that the skill cultivated in such a long time and the temperament of making thoroughly good products, commitment of the details unique to the Japanese are the base of the current Japan Made.

About us

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Japanese thoughts of always creating of new ideas and product without being satisfied with the present situation.

It might be say one of the unique ideas of the Japanese people.

We have an idea in Japan which is “the thinking being that things begin to decay from the time they are completed.”

Not only buildings and things but even thoughts too, if you are satisfied with the current situation, it is used in the sense that it only gradually becomes obsolete afterwards after that.

Always bring out new ideas, create more convenient and good to use, and create superior design, without being satisfied with the current situation.

This is one of Japanese thought that leads to Japanese word “kaizen” which became a global one now.

Especially for stationery, small drawbacks have always been improved, and things that are completely identical in looks but completely different are being created one after another.

Walt Disney, the founder of Disneyland who boasts that popularity, also left the famous words as follows.

“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”

We feel that products made in Japan come with an idea of ​​constantly improving and continuing to create better for our life.

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Our three precious things

➤We will assort of goods that match Canadian lifestyle.

We will offer products matching not only for Japanese, but Canadian and other global lifestyles.


➤We will introduce an idea to make happy for our usual life.

We will always propose not only just shopping site to sell the goods but also how to use items that make life more enjoyable.


➤We will spread the attractions of our real “Japan”.

For Canadian people, Japan is still one of the unknown and mysterious country.

We will introduce the true color of our country “Japan” through interesting and attractive our goods.


We wish you can get more happy life with our selected goods!!


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